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First Patent for AI-based Microelectronics Cybersecurity Awarded to Amida

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WASHINGTON – Aug. 23, 2023 – BusinessWire — Washington, DC

Washington, DC – Amida Technology Solutions, Inc. (Amida), announced today that it has been awarded a patent for the company’s novel application of artificial intelligence (AI) and graph theory. The new technology can detect and characterize the occurrence of cybersecurity breaches directly on microelectronic devices. This is the company’s latest development in a series of innovations that help protect our nation’s most sensitive digital electronic infrastructure, from national security to electronic medical records.

Under a Navy SBIR contract, Amida developed a forward-looking approach to address microelectronic security risks. Amida’s vulnerability analysis software reveals cyber weaknesses on chips. It can be used in the design, test, and production phases of semiconductor devices.

Joe Costello, an Amida board member, who founded semiconductor software giant Cadence Design Systems and led its explosive growth, said, “this is a breathtaking accomplishment, and I am very proud to be part of the team that is spearheading fresh thinking in chip security.” Costello and Amida’s co-founder and CEO Peter L. Levin wrote about semiconductor trust in The Hill.

Protection of integrated circuits is the last frontier of cybersecurity. Economic and ideological competitors now focus on vulnerabilities in hardware, which are difficult to discover and, until now, almost impossible to repair. “One cannot ‘patch’ a chip during an underwater mission, or in space,” said Al Crouch, Amida’s director of hardware engineering and the inspiration behind this new idea.

Amida solutions are available to federal customers on the recently created Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace, an “other transaction authority” (OTA) sponsored by the Department of Defense’s Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer. Other Amida solutions include a graph-based human profile that enables fast-and-accurate adjudicative decisions, and metadata administration using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and neural networks to automate enterprise data management.

“I am delighted that three of our core applications have passed the intense scrutiny of the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace evaluation process,” said Amida Chief Operating Officer Mukundan Srinivasan. “This is a real testament to Amida’s team to help our country at a critical time in the semiconductor industry, especially given last year’s passage of the CHIPS Act.”

Michèle Flournoy, the chair of Amida’s Board of Directors and the co-founder and Managing Partner of WestExec Advisors, echoed Costello’s and Srinivasan’s sentiments. “I have been with this company since day one,” she said, “and this is the reason why. Time and again, for more than a decade, Amida has delivered breakthrough solutions to its federal, state, and commercial customers. I am so proud of this team.”

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The patent mentioned in this press release is 11736501.

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