Single Solutions Background

AI, ML, and NLP

Advanced Machine Learning
provides businesses with:

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Improved accuracy, efficiency, and speed of data preparation for advanced analysis

Evaluate system performance and forecast trends that support better business decisions

Increased productivity, decreased overhead costs, and optimize resource allocation

Create or upgrade enterprise information models and data catalogs

Single Solutions Background

How We Approach
AI, ML, and NLP

Streamline data and metadata pipelines

Design and implement data preparation protocols for ingestion by AI/ML tools

Train, tune, test, validate, and deploy models

AI, ML, and NLP Success Stories

NLP-based analysis for predictive policy changes

The policies of a U.S. federal agency are driven by the laws enacted by Congress. Amida helped to research how a Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based analysis can predict policy changes that depend on enacted laws. This research has potential applications in various other fields where new legislation can lead to unforeseen effects on policies.

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Semantic Similarity Engine

A Service Treatment Record (STR) chronicles a Veteran’s health history. When a Veteran submits a list of medical issues with their claim, a Veteran service representative must review the entire STR archive to find in-service events associated with the claim. We used NLP to identify the occurrence of medical problems efficiently and reliably from in-service events in STRs. Our Semantic Similarity Engine (SSE) can map claimed problems to in-service events, which reduces both incorrect decisions and the time required for the distribution of benefits to Veterans.

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Your Team of Experts in
AI, ML, and NLP

  • Group 434 Descriptive and predictive analytics
  • Group 434 Business models and rules engines
  • Group 434 Data integration
  • Group 434 Data curation and refinement
  • Group 434 Data quality
  • Group 434 Metadata management
  • Group 434 Anomaly detection and remediation
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Technologies We Utilize

Discover. Transform. Integrate.

Beyond AI, ML, and NLP Solutions

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Blue Button

With one click of the “Blue Button,” an individual can download all the data that a healthcare organization has about them.

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HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is the industry-leading platform specification for health data exchange.

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Open Source

Open source infrastructure has many advantages, including: easier customization, better interoperability, greater base of service providers, superior cybersecurity, and lower total cost of ownership.

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Clinical Quality Measures

Many healthcare payers and providers are unable to leverage their data to improve quality of care.


Health Informatics

Amida is a leader in health informatics and data analytics.



Amida has a distinguished track record of cybersecurity innovation and business operations.


Hardware Trust

Complex electronic systems are assembled using components and processes from entities all over the world.

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Amida Careers
Clients’ Feedback

Amida successfully built a proof-of-concept harmonization engine that identifies and intelligently weights the likelihood of duplicate matching patient records.

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Bo Dagnall
Chief Technologist and Strategist, Provider Segment (VA, DHA, Digital Health)
Clients’ Feedback

This application helps our client maximize the utility of their data assets, eliminating the need to chase charts.

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Russ Thomas
Clients’ Feedback

Amida’s Indaba platform enables our world-wide team of experts to gather research data and supports their efforts to arrive at consensus.

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Laura Neuman
Director, Rule of Law Program
Clients’ Feedback

Amida’s expertise in payer and provider data management enabled their team to complete the mapping with only moderate guidance from my team.

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William Walders
Chief Information Officer
Clients’ Feedback

Amida delivers deep subject matter expertise at the intersection of emerging technology standards.

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Sashi Ravipati
Senior Vice President – Architecture & ETS
Clients’ Feedback

Amida helped the NYS OMH to successfully deploy the VA’s open source EHR/EMR (VistA) across its 24 inpatient psychiatric hospitals and hundreds of clinics throughout the State.

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John Norton
Former Acting Deputy Commissioner and CIO
Clients’ Feedback

We value our relationship with Amida and actively seek opportunities to partner for health data services as this level of performance is rare.

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Mike O’Neill

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