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Microelectronics Security

The only Comprehensive Microelectronics Security Solution
for national security applications:


Automated analysis, classification, and ranking of chip-level vulnerabilities

AI/ML-based anomaly detection at-speed, on-chip, in-system

Cyberattack exploration and surveillance-instrument design

Scalable and reconfigurable protection against malicious tampering

End-to-End Microelectronics Security Solutions

Achilles protects microelectronic devices from malicious inclusions and cyber vulnerabilities. It reveals exposures in the semiconductor design-and-implementation supply chain that elude conventional detection techniques. It characterizes what can go wrong, where it can go wrong, and how it can go wrong, using a patented approach that dramatically extends the visibility of the attack surface. Our end-to-end, single-platform solution is predictive and future-proof.

Achilles was built with support from a Navy Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grant. It identifies attack targets that are invisible to formal methods. It enables designers to characterize and harden devices, and instrument them for in-field surveillance. It uses machine learning to detect anomalous behavior, and is a comprehensive, full life-cycle, solution for semiconductor cyber resilience.

Our team consists of security and semiconductor experts who have deep experience in the development of innovative security products and automated design solutions for the global semiconductor industry. We have backgrounds in hardware security, semiconductor testing, software engineering, and design-flow integration. Achilles is the industry’s only security solution that addresses threats from design concept to device disposal.


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How We Approach
Chip Security

Security Analysis During Chip Design

Uncover semiconductor device vulnerabilities through better threat surface illumination. Protect designs against malicious attacks and intrusions. Create chips that are secure by design by exposing potential weaknesses and incorporating mitigation early in the process.

Detect and Identify In-Field Anomalies

Continuous in-field anomaly detection and identification, through ongoing cyberhealth monitoring from device installation to decommissioning. Detect manipulations and enable swift exposure of, and response to, identified anomalies.

Characterize Vulnerabilities During System Development

Comprehensive analysis of attack behaviors and impact severity. Development and optimization of in-field attack recognition models for real-time mitigation. Guided instrumentation insertion: what to look for, and where to look for it.

Reveal Hidden Vulnerabilities in Microelectronics

  • Group 434 Identify vulnerabilities with patented design representation
  • Group 434 Explore chip structure and behavior
  • Group 434 Apply to any integrated circuit

Industries We Serve

We Provide Device Security for

  • Cyber-hardened semiconductors for defense and aerospace modernization
  • Cyberattack exploration from multiple adversary profiles and offensive scenarios
  • Combined chip-level insights and continuous monitoring for cyber-resilient critical infrastructure
  • Cyber-hardened silicon for data security, preserving customer data and privacy in critical applications and cloud networks
    • Cyber-hardened third-party IP to mitigate risk of malicious tampering, safeguarding vehicle safety
    • Identify and mitigate design vulnerabilities to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and vehicle theft

    • Safeguard medical device integrity with cyber-hardened silicon against tampering, hacking, or unauthorized access
    • Minimize the threat of data breaches and unauthorized access to patient data
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